Pretty In Pink

2 Jun

Here is what I wore yesterday.  I was in a really good mood and was feeling very, pink, haha.  I even had pink toenail and fingernail polish on. What made it an even better was that I also got to debut my new Coach bag, designed by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere!  It came yesterday morning and I think within 5 minutes I had it out of the packaging and had transferred everything from the previous purse I was using, to this one.  I have to admit, it’s even more gorgeous is person and I was so excited when it finally got here! With it I was also wearing my new, pink Cole Haan shoes, a pair of Martin & Osa shorts I recently bought, with a shirt I bought last summer at Anthropology.


My So Called Life

30 May

My inspiration for the day, a style I like to sport on lazy weekends or relaxing days.  This morning I started watching My So Called Life, just one of the many tv shows on DVD that I have in my collection.  Not only is it great because of the deep thoughts and conversations with the long pauses, and the over-usage of the word “like”, but the clothes are also pretty awesome.  Oh the grudge style of the early 90’s and how I surprisingly really like it.  The plaid, floral prints, and over-sized tees, I just can’t get enough. Although, since I can’t completely pull off the grunge in it’s entirety, I’ve tried to find pieces that are a little more girly, yet still have those classic aspects of grunge fashion.

For example, I’m completely in this with this shirt,  I wear it all the time, and, paired with a boyfriend style jean, it’s the perfect modern grunge look I was going for when I bought it.

I feel My So Called life is the perfect combination between Tai’s over-the-top grunge, and Cher’s super prep, girly style from Clueless, maybe a little more grunge than prep but still, that’s just my opinion.  I think it’s a good balance of the popular grunge look of the 1990’s, yet, in a way, still feminine and cute. Wow..  well, I feel like I’ve just completely over-used the word “grunge”.

Theory “Ashleigh” Dress – $295

Martin and Osa “Riviera East West Tee” – $34.50


29 May

Yesterday, the weather here was seriously perfect.  Too bad today it’s been cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain because I was really enjoying the weather yesterday and I was finally getting into the summer spirit.  Anyway, last weekend I bought the cutest bathing suit and I finally got to debut it yesterday. Well, if you considering laying out in my back yard a debut. I thought it was time to work on my non-existant tan.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get burnt either, and I actually got a little bit darker! My day was good yesterday.

I was so excited because I completely love this bathing suit, it fits me perfectly. (which I was surprised by because I have a really difficult time finding bathing suits that work for me..) So, I even somehow snagged the suit in a rainbow pattern that is absolutely gorgeous! I’m still waiting for that one to come in the mail but both of them will definitely be on the plane to LA/Maui! Did I mention I was going to California and Hawaii this summer?  Well, I am and I’m definitely excited, I’m already starting to plan out what I’m taking with me! (A seriously difficult task for me.. I’m the queen of over-packing.)

In addition to trying on my new bathing suit, I also wanted to try out one of my new nail polish colors.  One thing I’ve learned how to do, is paint my nails really well, it’s a really important skill to have.  I hate when I don’t have nail polish on.. I feel like my hands look really awkward when they don’t.. so it really comes in handy when I don’t have time to go get a manicure, which is most of the time.  I really like the Sephora by OPI nail polish brand, it goes on really well and they have the best colors.  I was debating between a bright orange called Special Request, and a bright pink called It’s All About Me.  I’ve been really into bright and neon colors lately, they are perfect for summer, and I ended up choosing the pink, I figured that you can never go wrong with a pink nail!

I’m really looking forward to the rest of Memorial Day weekend, I hope everyone else is too! I’ll have plenty of pictures of my new bathing suit sometime soon, I’m hoping we all get great weather for the rest of the weekend!

Vix London Bandeau Swimsuit – $168

Sephora by OPI Nail polish – $9

Counting Down the Days

27 May

It’s official, I graduate in exactly 2 weeks!  Even though I still have to take like all of my exams practically, I don’t have to go to school for the next week, but yesterday, we had our senior assembly.  After the assembly, all the senior went to the football field for lunch.  For the picnic, we all finally got to take off our cap and gowns, (like seriously, that thing like swallows me whole.. you’ll see when I post pics from my actual graduation.. they are also extremely uncomfortable and I just look awkward in it..) and everyone looked so cute!

some of my many shoes.. I couldn't decide

the two dresses

First off though, can I just tell you all how long it took me to pick out something to wear? I think I spent about an hour just picking out my shoes.. shoes are seriously becoming an obsession of mine, I love them! I also couldn’t decide between two different dresses (both that I am kind of in love with.) so, it took a while on Tuesday night to decide what I was wearing for yesterday..

After I got the outfit thing all worked out, I got some really cute pictures with my friends yesterday! I’m really going to miss all of them!

Purse – Michael Kors

Shoes – Christian Louboutin Wedges

Dress – Vintage

Counting down the 2 weeks until graduations! I can’t wait! I’m thinking I might start picking out what I’m going to wear now.. to avoid complete chaos and stress the night before!

“You look terrible.. I look awesome.”

26 May

18 empty boxes of christmas lights found in a dumpster out back can only mean one thing… Glee goes GAGA! Yes, I know, I am a total Gleek, and I must say, I really liked last nights episode.  The Gaga costumes were kind of amazing, I loved the girls (plus Kurt) a lot more than the guys this week – except for Puck at the end singing Beth!! So adorable, I’m completely in love with him. – I thought it was really awesome though how they each chose a different Lady Gaga costume but each of them added their own personalities and individuality to it. Can we all please just take a minute to look at my favorites from the night:

You look terrible. I look awesome - best quote of the night by Britney

“I think we have a jumper..” – Kurt.  I’m going to go ahead and say that, although her idea was sweet of having her outfit represent the childhood she deprived of, I fully agree with Britney in that, she looks terrible, although weirdly, I find it kind of cute… what it wrong with me? I’m happy she had her new mom make her a fierce new outfit though.  However, Quinn look absolutely amazing! I think I like this outfit better in pink rather than white, what do you all think? I think it definitely adds a cute, girly side to the outfit, definitely something I would love to try on,although those feather eyelashes would have driven me nuts.

Original Gaga - see don't you like Quinn's better?

It was definitely refreshing to see all the cheerios.. without their uniforms for once, as cute as they are, seriously I don’t understand why they wear them everyday? But, Britney and Santana’s costumes were great!  The only thing missing from the night was the gorgeous Jesse St. James… I missed him this week, he always looks so.. perfect, but thank god it looks like he’ll be a huge part of next weeks episode, can’t wait!!

Creatures of the Sea

25 May

Well, for the most part anyway.  So, I have this new obsession- thanks to my sister.  I’ve gotten really into wearing animal necklaces.  My best friend Maddy makes fun of me all the time for wearing them but in all seriousness, you can wear them with just about anything, it’s amazing, they make any outfit look that much better! It all started with my sister’s christmas gift to me. (She themes her gifts, this years theme: Sea of Shoes) Included in this gift was: a coloring book (that I absolutely love, like seriously, best stress reliever ever!), a vinyl mickey mouse action figure-if you read Jane’s blog you will understand, and finally, an octopus necklace, starting my addiction of animal jewelry.

Since then, I’ve slowly added more and more to my collection, and since December, I’ve gotten up to 6.  I seem to be really in love with sea creatures though because I tend to gravitate to all different sea creature jewelry that I see.

All 6 of my favorite necklaces

This is one of my newest additions, I fell upon it a few weeks ago while shopping with one of my best friends.  It’s amazing, I find something to wear it with all the time.  It’s kind of ironic though seeing as I’m actually terrified of snakes.  Right now though, I’ve been on the look for new necklaces to add to my ever-growing collection, and, I think I’ve found it!

It would take some serious sweet talk and my incredible convincing skills to ever convince my dad to buy it for me and, again it seems to be yet another sea creature.  I saw this at the mall this past weekend at the Coach store (I’ve been on sort of a Coach-kick if you haven’t noticed), and I instantly fell in love, I was practically drooling over it (figuratively- most definitely not literally!) So I’ll leave you with this picture of the most gorgeous seahorse necklace ever! I’m extremely hope-full that I’ll be able to snag this one soon to add to my collection!

“Just do what women have always done. Lay on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags!”

24 May

Hey everybody! So, this is my new blog and I thought I’d start things off with one of my favorite things when it comes to fashion. I’ve decided the one thing that no girl can have enough of, is purses (as if you couldn’t tell from this post’s title).  Did anyone happen to catch what show this quote is from?  Will & Grace, I totally forgot all about it until I randomly saw it on tv one day, I thought that quote was absolutely hilarious! However purses are definitely turning into an addiction, for both my sister and I, but hey, there could be worse addictions out there, right?  Well, last night, my sister introduced me my, soon-to-be, new obsession.

Cupcakes and Cashmere for Coach

I’ve recently discovered  Cupcakes and Cashmere and once my sister sent me an e-mail of this bag, I knew I simply had to have it.  It’s the perfect shade or pink and goes with just about everything, and it’s such a classic style. So this morning, it took some serious convincing for my dad to not only buy one, but TWO (one for my sister of course) of these bags and I seriously think I might die waiting for it to get here.  My dad said it would be a graduation gift, so happy graduation to mee!!  I already have an outfit planned out for the first day I wear my new bag, I’m already in love with it, so I’ll definitely be sure to post some pictures once it gets here!

For those of you who don’t know me, I love purses.  I would almost rather have new purses (and shoes) most of the time over new clothes.  Anyway, I’ve started building up quite the collection but I have yet to add a satchel-like bag, so I’m super excited to add it in the mix!  I’m sure I’ll probably be pouring all of my stuff into it the second it gets to my house and I’ll be carrying it for weeks before I finally give it a break!