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LA Vacay

30 Jul

Hey guys! I’m back..again, finally. I know I totally failed, again, at regularly posting, but I have a totally legit reason this time. I’ve been in LA and Hawaii for the past 3 weeks so I haven’t had any time at all to post for you guys. (And in Hawaii there was no internet access what-so-ever.) Can i just say how amazing my trip was? It was so relaxing and just what i needed before heading up to school in Cincinnati. There will be tons to come on my vacay to Hawaii with my family, I took so many pictures that I’ll definitely be sure to share. I’ve got a lot of new outfits to show you guys too! Lets just say, I did a lot of shopping on this trip. To start off the string on many posts to come about my vacation, I thought I’d share one of my favorite outfits-which just happened to be worn on one of my last days in LA before coming home.

I’m officially in love with the shorts I’m wearing in theses pictures.. I bought them when we went to the outlet mall a few hours outside of LA! Basically it was super windy (which I wasn’t expecting) that day and I was wearing my Victoria’s Secret skirt (seen here)… let me just say, that wasn’t a smart idea.. So I had to go buy some shorts from the 7 For All Mankind store. (then in the next store I bought a new top and after an hour at the outlets, I had on a totally new outfit.. I know, only something I would do.) It turned out perfect though because the day before, I was just talking about how I wanted a pair of high-waisted shorts and well, that’s what I ended up grabbing from the 7s store.. these shorts have kind of become a new obsession of mine, I wore them any chance I could the rest if the vacay. This outfit though ended up being my complete favorite. Anyway, I’ve been spending just about all day in airports or on a plane, which got delayed going into RDU.. But I’ll post back soon with some great pictures from Maui (and all the outfits I wore around!) Until next time, see everyone back in the miserably hot weather in Raleigh.. god I still wish I was in LA with the perfect 72 degree weather..
Love ya, xo – Jen

Top- Antpthropologie
Sweater- Martin & Osa
Shorts- 7 For All Mankind
Shoes- Jimmy Choo
Purse- Cupcakes and Cashmere for Coach (seen here and here)


What I Wore

7 Jul

The other day I went to lunch with one of my best friends, Emma! I seriously haven’t seen her since graduation, which was really depressing, so I was excited that I got to spend the entire day with her.  I know I probably got a little too dressed up just to go to panera for lunch but I really don’t care because I really liked my outfit. I had on a Martin & Osa tee, and a new Victoria’s Secret skirt on.  I also couldn’t wait to wear my new shoes!  I was seriously obsessing over these Toms wedges for weeks until my dad finally broke down and let me order a pair, yesterday was the first chance I had to wear them.  Here are some pictures before I left for luch.

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing and fun 4th of July weekend and I hope you all like the pictures! Until next time – xo, Jen

Last Minute Beach Trip

2 Jul

Like I said last post, a few days after graduation, my parents decided we were going to go on a last minute trip to Hilton Head Island.   Basically, the whole reason we went was because my Nana, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were there on vacation and since we hadn’t seen them in a while, we decided to surprise them.  It was a nice break from Raleigh but I think my favorite part of the trip was dinners when I could get all dressed up to go out!  I like the beach but I get super annoyed with all the sand that gets everywhere and the fact that it was like, deadly hot, wasn’t too much fun. Anyway, like I promised, here are some shots I took at dinner with my family!

Night one, we went to a fabulous seafood restaurant and I was really excited because this dress is kind of my new obsession. I wear it any time I get the chance.  It’s a Free People dress, paired with a Martin & Osa belt, Michael Kors yellow purse, and finally my new orange Ralph Lauren Collection wedge espadrilles.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures from night two, we were all too busy catching up with each other and everything since it was our last night at the beach.  We all went to my favorite restaurant at Hilton Head, Alexander’s, my family has been going there since before I was born, we all completely love it!  That night I wore a J-Crew romper I recently bought, with a Banana Republic white cami.  Not really thinking, I only brought one bag so again, I had the Michael Kors purse and finally I wore my Jimmy Choo, leopard-print flats that I’m absolutely in love with, I don’t wear them that often but I think I’m going to start wearing them more. It was a fun trip and I was kind of sad to come home after only 2 days but I hope you guys liked my outfit choices and I promise and I’ll post back soon! Until then, talk to you all soon!

I’m Back!

1 Jul

Hey guys! So, I know, I’ve officially reached “Worst Blogger Ever” status… especially since it’s been what? 3 weeks since my last post..?  Sorry about that.. but I promise I’ll get back on track and regularly start posting again! A quick recap of everything that’s been going on since my last post- I feel like I’ve barely been home since graduation.  A few days after graduation my parents and I decided to drive down to Hilton Head Island for the weekend to surprise my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin, we only stayed for a weekend but it was a nice break. (My next post will have pictures of the great outfits I wore while I was there and more about our quick vacay.) After I got home I basically had time to unpack, only to repack and drive down to the beach again, with some friends! Sorry, no pictures from that trip.. we were all so busy running around down at the beach and having fun I basically forgot about the camera entirely.  As much as I love the beach though I was seriously disappointed to find that I came home with hardly any tan. I guess I’ll have to work on that before my trip to California/Hawaii in a few week.

Finally, the last trip I’ve gone on in the past few weeks was a few days in Cincinnati! I had orientation and we decided to drive up a day early so I could go to King’s Island. (My Uncle, Aunt and Cousin drove up to spend the day with us too, I was excited because there was someone else to ride all of the roller coasters with me.  As much as I love theme parks, roller coasters, as fun as they may be, just aren’t the same when you have to ride them by yourself.)  Can I please just say how much I love Cincinnati though! It’s so different from North Carolina but it was fun, orientation was awesome, although I have to admit some parts were a little boring.. I did get to register for my first quarter classes though and, I met some people! (That made me happy seeing as, well I really don’t know anyone there so I have to make entirely new friends.) Although I think the highlight of orientation was that I got to wear my new Theory dress I bought about a week ago, it’s amazing, I’ll post pictures soon, I promise.

Now that we’re all caught up on my busy life of the past few weeks, now I can just relax for a while until time to pack up and head to California and Hawaii for almost 3 weeks! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about that. Until then though, I really will try to post regularly, I’ve been shopping recently so I have a ton of new items to blog about! Talk to you all soon!