11 Jun

It’s official, I’m a high school graduate! So in celebration, I posted 2 new posts today (aka I basically just didn’t have time to post them until now.) and I bought a new outfit for yesterday, including 2 new pair of shoes! Although, it wouldn’t be graduation without posting pictures of our giant purple gowns and caps.

My best friends Maddy and Emma

With Melissa after the ceremony

Now on to the best part, what I wore UNDER the gown! I found the best dress at Banana Republic about a week ago and bought a python belt from there too, they went together perfectly! Finally, I paired it with my new pair of Tory Burch wedge espadrilles that came the other day in the mail! One of two pairs that I ordered, the others were orange wedges by Ralph Lauren. (I’m looking forward to posting pictures of them soon!)

Maddy and I with our favorite teacher

Maddy, Farah and I

Happy graduation Class of 2010! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Now, time for more celebrating!


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