Final Days

11 Jun

Hey everybody! I’m back! Sorry, I know this is about, hm I don’t know, a week late, whoops! I’ve just been seriously busy with all the graduation stuff going on!!! But, no fear, because I graduated yesterday!!! Now it’s summer and I’ll have all sorts of time to keep up with writing new posts! Anyway, last week I ended up getting up early to be at my last day of school for my final exam, too bad it was a total waste of time seeing as I get there only to be told I could go home! Can I just say that, that didn’t make me very happy. The only good thing, was that I absolutely loved my outfit, and so did everyone else! I had on a simple Martin and Osa tank, with Martin and Osa jean, paired with some great Paolo heels I found before school started (I thought it was only appropriate that I wear the same pair of shoes on both the first and last day of senior year) and I added my Tiffany’s heart-key necklace to the normal jewelry I wear everyday!

With my baby, Nora!

Leaving with none other than, my new Coach bag!


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