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11 Jun

It’s official, I’m a high school graduate! So in celebration, I posted 2 new posts today (aka I basically just didn’t have time to post them until now.) and I bought a new outfit for yesterday, including 2 new pair of shoes! Although, it wouldn’t be graduation without posting pictures of our giant purple gowns and caps.

My best friends Maddy and Emma

With Melissa after the ceremony

Now on to the best part, what I wore UNDER the gown! I found the best dress at Banana Republic about a week ago and bought a python belt from there too, they went together perfectly! Finally, I paired it with my new pair of Tory Burch wedge espadrilles that came the other day in the mail! One of two pairs that I ordered, the others were orange wedges by Ralph Lauren. (I’m looking forward to posting pictures of them soon!)

Maddy and I with our favorite teacher

Maddy, Farah and I

Happy graduation Class of 2010! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Now, time for more celebrating!


Final Days

11 Jun

Hey everybody! I’m back! Sorry, I know this is about, hm I don’t know, a week late, whoops! I’ve just been seriously busy with all the graduation stuff going on!!! But, no fear, because I graduated yesterday!!! Now it’s summer and I’ll have all sorts of time to keep up with writing new posts! Anyway, last week I ended up getting up early to be at my last day of school for my final exam, too bad it was a total waste of time seeing as I get there only to be told I could go home! Can I just say that, that didn’t make me very happy. The only good thing, was that I absolutely loved my outfit, and so did everyone else! I had on a simple Martin and Osa tank, with Martin and Osa jean, paired with some great Paolo heels I found before school started (I thought it was only appropriate that I wear the same pair of shoes on both the first and last day of senior year) and I added my Tiffany’s heart-key necklace to the normal jewelry I wear everyday!

With my baby, Nora!

Leaving with none other than, my new Coach bag!

Dressed In Denim

3 Jun

3 exams down, only 1 to go! I have to say, after a week of sleeping in and not having anything in-particular to do all day, waking up early (6:00 am) was a serious challenge this morning.. at least tomorrow I get to sleep until 9 because I don’t have an exam until 10:30.  I was so tired this morning, I was even too lazy to really do anything with my hair. – I think this might be like the 5th time I’ve worn it up the entire school year.  Anyway, this was my outfit for the day.  Even with exams, I’ve never really been a fan of “bumming it” at school, I’ll admit, I’ve done it a few times, but it’s a very rare occasion when I do and I really don’t like it all that much.  I’ve never been able to pull off the whole cute but still lazy look.. so instead I went for cute and casual for exams.  I decided on a simple Banana Republic tank (made of organic cotton, definitely a plus!), with a Martin & Osa jean jacket and Martin & Osa shorts.  (I haven’t posted enough for you all to really tell but, for future reference, I wear Martin & Osa A LOT!) Of course, I wore my new Coach bag again today as well, today was my first day back at school since I’ve gotten it so, I had to show it off, didn’t I? Anyway, I decided to dress the whole thing up with a simple pair of black wedges my mom gave me like, forever ago, I love them, they are super comfortable, with a necklace I bought from a local boutique near school called Hand Picked and some Martin & Osa hoops.  Maybe after exams are over and I’m officially done with high school I’ll stop being so lazy with my outfit choices and get back to dressing up like I normally do.

Pretty In Pink

2 Jun

Here is what I wore yesterday.  I was in a really good mood and was feeling very, pink, haha.  I even had pink toenail and fingernail polish on. What made it an even better was that I also got to debut my new Coach bag, designed by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere!  It came yesterday morning and I think within 5 minutes I had it out of the packaging and had transferred everything from the previous purse I was using, to this one.  I have to admit, it’s even more gorgeous is person and I was so excited when it finally got here! With it I was also wearing my new, pink Cole Haan shoes, a pair of Martin & Osa shorts I recently bought, with a shirt I bought last summer at Anthropology.