My So Called Life

30 May

My inspiration for the day, a style I like to sport on lazy weekends or relaxing days.  This morning I started watching My So Called Life, just one of the many tv shows on DVD that I have in my collection.  Not only is it great because of the deep thoughts and conversations with the long pauses, and the over-usage of the word “like”, but the clothes are also pretty awesome.  Oh the grudge style of the early 90’s and how I surprisingly really like it.  The plaid, floral prints, and over-sized tees, I just can’t get enough. Although, since I can’t completely pull off the grunge in it’s entirety, I’ve tried to find pieces that are a little more girly, yet still have those classic aspects of grunge fashion.

For example, I’m completely in this with this shirt,  I wear it all the time, and, paired with a boyfriend style jean, it’s the perfect modern grunge look I was going for when I bought it.

I feel My So Called life is the perfect combination between Tai’s over-the-top grunge, and Cher’s super prep, girly style from Clueless, maybe a little more grunge than prep but still, that’s just my opinion.  I think it’s a good balance of the popular grunge look of the 1990’s, yet, in a way, still feminine and cute. Wow..  well, I feel like I’ve just completely over-used the word “grunge”.

Theory “Ashleigh” Dress – $295

Martin and Osa “Riviera East West Tee” – $34.50


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