29 May

Yesterday, the weather here was seriously perfect.  Too bad today it’s been cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain because I was really enjoying the weather yesterday and I was finally getting into the summer spirit.  Anyway, last weekend I bought the cutest bathing suit and I finally got to debut it yesterday. Well, if you considering laying out in my back yard a debut. I thought it was time to work on my non-existant tan.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get burnt either, and I actually got a little bit darker! My day was good yesterday.

I was so excited because I completely love this bathing suit, it fits me perfectly. (which I was surprised by because I have a really difficult time finding bathing suits that work for me..) So, I even somehow snagged the suit in a rainbow pattern that is absolutely gorgeous! I’m still waiting for that one to come in the mail but both of them will definitely be on the plane to LA/Maui! Did I mention I was going to California and Hawaii this summer?  Well, I am and I’m definitely excited, I’m already starting to plan out what I’m taking with me! (A seriously difficult task for me.. I’m the queen of over-packing.)

In addition to trying on my new bathing suit, I also wanted to try out one of my new nail polish colors.  One thing I’ve learned how to do, is paint my nails really well, it’s a really important skill to have.  I hate when I don’t have nail polish on.. I feel like my hands look really awkward when they don’t.. so it really comes in handy when I don’t have time to go get a manicure, which is most of the time.  I really like the Sephora by OPI nail polish brand, it goes on really well and they have the best colors.  I was debating between a bright orange called Special Request, and a bright pink called It’s All About Me.  I’ve been really into bright and neon colors lately, they are perfect for summer, and I ended up choosing the pink, I figured that you can never go wrong with a pink nail!

I’m really looking forward to the rest of Memorial Day weekend, I hope everyone else is too! I’ll have plenty of pictures of my new bathing suit sometime soon, I’m hoping we all get great weather for the rest of the weekend!

Vix London Bandeau Swimsuit – $168

Sephora by OPI Nail polish – $9


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